Below is a non-exhaustive list of techniques that the BioEM Facility has experience with.

Transmission electron microscopy of cells and tissues

Cardiac muscle

This technique allows the ultrastructure cells and tissues to be imaged at nanometer resolution. The samples are firstly fixed with either chemicals or freezing, stained with heavy metals and then resin embedded.


The image on the left shows mitochondria in cardiac muscle from an adult mouse.

Scanning electron microscopy of cells

SEM of bacteria

Scanning electron microscopy of cells allows the surface topography to be imaged at high resolution. For this technique the cells are chemically fixed, dried and then metal coated. The image on the right shows cholera bacteria. Each of this structures is about 400 nanometers wide.

Transmission electron microscopy of single particles

cryoTEM of phage T4

Single particle electron microscopy.

Cryo electron microscopy

serial sectioning

Cryo electron microscopy allows the native structure of samples to be imaged. The techniques depends on being able to vitrify the samples so that their structure is not disrupted by the formation of ice crystals.