Introductory course in Bio EM

Date of the course – 15, 16 October 2018

This is an introductory course for anyone interested in learning more about electron microscopy of biological samples. It is open to researchers at the EPFL with a maximum number of 20 participants.

The schedule from the 2-day course is given below as a guide for interested participants. Please contact Graham Knott if you are interested.

Course outline

Lecturers – Graham Knott (EPFL), Davide Demurtas (EPFL), Sergey Nazarov (EPFL), Irina Kolotueva (UNIL), Christel Genoud (FMI, Basel)

1st day – morning (15th October)

0900 РLecture 1 Principles of transmission electron microscopy. Graham Knott covers the basic principles of transmission electron microscopy, the optics of TEM, and the different imaging modes for biological samples

1000 – Lecture 2. Preparing samples for electron microscopy. Graham Knott introduces how different types of biological samples can be prepared for imaging with electron microscopy.

1100 – Lecture 3. Single-particle, cryo-electron microscopy. Davide Demurtas outlines how macromolecules, such as protein complexes can be prepared and imaged using electron microscopy. This will cover subjects such as cryo-electron microscopy and negative staining.

1200 – Lecture 3. Revealing the structure of molecules. Sergey Nazarov explains the principles behind high-resolution single-particle analysis using electron microscopy imaging.

2nd day – morning (16th October)

0900 – Lecture 4. Scanning electron microscopy. Christel Genoud covers the principles of scanning electron microscopy and introduces how different scanning techniques are used to image biological samples.

1000 – Lecture 5. Graham Knott presents some of the emerging technologies that involve electron microscopy

1100 – Lecture 7. The localization of structures with electron microscopy. A presentation by Irina Kolotueva about how structures (organelles, proteins) can be localized in cells and tissues using different immunocytochemistry, and correlative techniques using with electron microscopy.

Afternoon practical sessions (15th, 16th October)

Two practicals running both afternoons.

  1. Principles of scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy
  2. Principles of single particle and cryo-transmission electron microscopy