Teaching and training in bioEM

Introductory Course in Bio EM

This is a two day course open to all EPFL scientists. It consists of seven lectures, and 2 afternoon practical sessions. It covers the principles of preparing biological samples from electron microscopy and a basic introduction to using scanning and transmission electron microscopes. This course also forms part of a doctoral school course offered by the Centre Interdisciplinaire to Microscopie Electronique

Lectures in Electron Microscopy for Masters Students (Bio 480 – Neuroscience 1)

These are two lectures given to the Master’s course Bio 480 Neuroscience 1 (Molecular Neuroscience and Neurodegeneration)



Learning to use the electron microscopes

TEM of cultured cells

The facility is able to train users with TEM, cryoTEM and SEM. This needs to be organised with the relevant staff depending on which type of samples are being analysed. To organise this training please contact either Graham Knott or Davide Demurtas.

Learning how to prepare EM samples

slot grid

The facility is well-eqipped to teach various EM techniques. Please contact the BioEM staff if you would like to learn any preparation techniques.