Correlated light and electron microscopy

This page describes a number of projects in which we have used 3D electron microscopy techniques to analyse neurons that had been previously imaged in the live brain. The focus of this work is to understand how the structure of the adult central nervous system adapts to: changes in sensory stimulation, injury, and the aging process.

Much of this work is done using the focussed ion beam scanning electron microscope, and a correlative approach so that optimal ultrastructure is preserved (Maco et al, 2013).

Imaging neurons in aged mice

This project is in collaboration with the groups of Professor Carlos Portera-Cailliau at UCLA and Professor Vincenzo DePaola at Imperial College in London. These teams are interested in understanding the neuroanatomical basis for the decline in brain function that occurs during aging. Using 2 photon microscopy on living mice they have analysed the dynamic changes occurring to axons and dendrites in the cerebral cortex in adult and aged mice (Mostany et al. 2013, Grillo et al. 2013, Canty et al. 2013).